Who we are:

We are a family established company (ALAHGAF General Trading and Contracting Company) composed of partners of graduates from different disciplines , Civil Engineer, Computer Language Developer (IT), Electronic Communication, BA, Accountant, Marketing and Petrochemical, who are working also in different Government bodies, e.g. One is a civil Engineer in the Ministry of Public works, myself is staff member at Kuwait University (Mineralogist), one at the Ministry of Communication, one at Civil services Authority, one is in the Purchasing and Tendering Dept at Kuwait University, etc. etc.

ALAHGAF is a recognized registered company in Kuwait, with a physical address at one of the Commercial Towers in the capital of Kuwait.

We know the market, we have the ability for marketing. The number of employee is five because we are still trying to find our ways to start a line of business and our policy is that we do not employ unless there is a job for to carry out, to avoid overhead expenses, in other words we want to grow and develop gradually and wisely.

We already established  a branch in a Saudi Arabia and an two branches  in Yemen to be used as outlet for marketing there.

This is us, crystal clear. If you are interested to develop business in this region and grow with us and get share of these markets gradually (knowing that these markets are full with other similar products), you are most welcome and we are interested, ready and willing to start from here.

Our team Skills

Fast delivery 92
Accuracy 95
Credibility 100
Dedication 97

Meet Our Team

Dr Mahfood Ali O. Ba-bttat
Dr Mahfood Ali O. Ba-bttatChairman
Osama Ba-bttat
Osama Ba-bttatEngineering Department
Abubaker Ba-bttat
Abubaker Ba-bttatTechnical Support Department

Our Clients